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Our Recovery Stories

"When You Feel Like Quitting, Remember Why You Started"

James, Bournemouth

James came to Hope housing in his early stages of recovery from Alcohol. James moved in, and quickly settled within his new house. Attending several of the events such as health & wellbeing evenings and cooking classes his journey to recovery was well on the way!

James attended college to start learning new skills and to support himself more found a part-time job at the local Waitrose!  With the support of our team James stayed with Hope for 18 months and eventually left college and was accepted into Loughborough University to further his education and career goals. James is an extraordinary young man that succeeded all expectations and we are proud of how far he has come.  

Tina, Poole

Tina, originally from Poole came to Hope Housing straight from a residential rehab for alcoholism and stayed with us for 4 years. Tina struggled through many difficult challenges but overcome and fought her battles and whilst with us, secured a Full-time job working with autistic adults! Obtaining a full time role enabled Tina to save and move out of Hope Housing properties and into her very first, own home! 

Tina continues to do well and visits Hope Housing to check in with everybody! 

Russell, Boscombe

Russell, came to Hope Housing needing support and guidance. He had been been a drug and alcohol abuser and when Russell came to Hope, he was in the very early stages of recovery from both! 

Russell attended meetings, social events for residents and gained a good footfall during his 12 months with Hope and with the right help moved into his own accommodation. Russell, father to one also became the sole carer for his son and they have been successfully living together since leaving Hope.

Since 2009 we have supported over 2700 people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health issues and other factors causing homelessness. Every success story touches our hearts, and we take great pride in the work we continue to do at Hope Housing. 

Home is a human right. It's our foundation and it's where we thrive. Yet, every day millions of people are being devastated by the housing emergency. Hope Housing thrive wanting to make that change, to reduce homelessness in Dorset and we could not be prouder of the work we do! Regardless of their background, all our residents receive the guidance and support they need to find themselves on the right path once more. 

We often keep in touch with previous residents that have since moved out of Hope Housing. It is heart warming to hear when they have flourished with finding new jobs, independent living, started new families and the volunteering they now do! We reach out to those clients and here are some of their incredible stories we felt the world needed to hear.


From resident to staff...

Martin, Bournemouth ♦

Martin came to hope with Mental health and Gambling addiction, with the support of staff and his father Martin did very well and he moved on under the scheme into a one bedroom flat with a new bed and was doing well. Martin made many new friends whilst living with Hope.  After a while Martin then became lonely and isolated and we were concerned so he came to us to volunteer in reception to keep him busy and see his old friends. Following a trial period Hope employed Martin 2 days a week in reception and he has since moved on elsewhere.


Getting the right support

Des, Bournemouth 

Des came with an extraordinary story,  Ex Army, trained Chef, post Cancer and partially sighted, Des suffered with Drugs and Alcohol for 20 years.  When he came to Hope we supported him , kept him dry and in recovery after treatment. The support worker team battled for 3 years for PIP for him due to his medical issues but particularly his sight.  After what seemed like a long hard battle, Lisa's perseverance worked and we accessed good support for Des. In addition to the support, Lisa managed to claim a back payment of PIP and this allowed Des the funding to move into his very own home. We have kept in touch with Des and he is doing well. 


Remember, there is hope, there is a way out, and we will be here to guide you through it each and every step of the way.