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Hope & More






Mission statement – You buy one, we give one.

Hope & More

A community interest company established in 2019 to financially support community projects in the area. 

Welcome to Hope and More Charity Shop!

Established in 2019, our mission is to spread hope and make a positive impact in our community through charitable initiatives. Under the guidance of our exceptional manager, Chris Tanswell, we've undergone significant transformations aimed at enhancing customer experience and maximising our contributions to charitable causes. In just two short weeks since Chris joined us, we've witnessed a remarkable surge in profits, a testament to his innovative strategies and dedication. At Hope and More, every purchase you make directly supports our mission of spreading hope and helping those in need.

Join us in making a difference, one purchase at a time.

Voucher System via our shop!

We offer a £20 voucher to be spent in our Charity Shop for clothes and shoes to everyone in need. Our vouchers can be found in other charity organizations in the area or you can pick a voucher up from our reception team Monday to Friday! 


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