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Meet the team at Hope Housing

We are a local small charity making a BIG impact. We are helping hundreds of vulnerable, homeless people rebuild their lives, supporting them to live happy independent, fulfilled lives once more.

Meet the staff that help it all happen!

Julie Berti, CEO & Co Founder

Julie and her father, David Botterill, founded Hope HTS in in 2009.

Julie had a very successful career spanning 10 years as a Chartered Management Accountant for large PLC’s prior to setting up her own Accountancy Practice with two other partners in Bournemouth in 2001. After growing the practice and then merging with another, Julie decided it was time for something new.  Julie joined forces with her father, David Botterill, in 2009 and together they set up the charity in January 2009.

Julie has spent the last 10 years developing her skills in housing management and governance. Under her guidance, the charity has grown to its current size with a strategic plan that the board and CEO can carry forward to the future.

Julie lives in Bournemouth with her husband and two children and loves walking her dogs, enjoying good food and gardening.

When asked what motivates her at work, Julie said: “No day has ever been the same and working with our residents and my team are what inspires me every day to continue our work”.

Lisa Everett, Director of Services

Lisa heads up the Support Team at Hope, having been at Hope for ten years, supporting the homeless and vulnerable on a daily basis.

Lisa was a nursery nurse running her own day nursery for 18 years, before going to Southampton University to retrain as a qualified counsellor. Lisa is a highly experienced counsellor, working on a daily basis with those struggling with mental health and substance misuse issues. She is also qualified in bereavement and has worked for Cruse Counselling with bereaved clients. She also counselled in a local school for 5 years, working with children with learning and behaviour difficulties.

Lisa is a published author; her counselling experiences at Hope Housing and in school inspired her to create “The Repairables”, a collection of books for children, helping to understand their feelings. Lisa also provides affordable private counselling for children and adults in the community.

Lisa is a single mum of three and enjoys writing, walking and spending time with family and friends.

I love my job working with vulnerable people – no day is ever the same and I love meeting and supporting the varied, irreplaceable characters that I meet.

Mariam Osman, Funding Manager

Mariam Osman As a Funding Manager, my role involves translating ideas relevant to our aim into bids and business cases, and submitting/presenting them to funders.

I have over fifteen years of experience in the charity sector especially in fundraising. I have been very fortunate to have the experience of exploring the majority of fundraising revenues in my career. I have been on both sides of fundraising from raising fund to giving funds. 

Meg Eenkhoorn, Executive PA

We are delighted to introduce Meg Eenkhoorn, whose wealth of expertise spans across multiple domains, including construction management, operations, marketing, human resources, payroll, and accounts. With a robust background in these diverse fields, Meg brings a unique perspective and a comprehensive skill set to her role as the Executive PA for Hope Housing. Since joining us in July 2023, Meg has played a pivotal role in streamlining our operations and enhancing our organisational efficiency. Her keen attention to detail and meticulous approach to tasks ensure that every aspect of our operations runs seamlessly. Meg's vast experience in construction management has been particularly invaluable, providing valuable insights into project planning and execution. Furthermore, her proficiency in managerial duties, coupled with her adeptness in marketing strategies, has contributed significantly to promoting our mission and expanding our reach within the community. In addition, Meg's expertise in HR and payroll administration has been instrumental in fostering a positive work environment and ensuring the well-being of our staff members. 

James Rideout, Maintenance Manager

 We are pleased to introduce James Rideout, our esteemed Maintenance Manager at Hope Housing. With a wealth of experience in maintenance spanning several years, James brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to our organisation. Joining us in November 2023, James has swiftly become an indispensable member of our team, overseeing the upkeep and functionality of our facilities with precision and care. His extensive knowledge in maintenance practices ensures that our premises are always maintained to the highest standards, providing a safe and comfortable environment for our residents and staff alike. James's proactive approach to preventive maintenance has not only minimised downtime but also optimised the efficiency of our operations, allowing us to focus more resources on our core mission of serving those in need. Beyond his technical proficiency, James's commitment to excellence and unwavering work ethic embody the values we hold dear at Hope Housing. We are grateful for his contributions and look forward to the continued positive impact he will undoubtedly bring to our organisation.

Chris Tanswell, Shop Manager

We are thrilled to introduce Chris Tanswell, our esteemed manager at Hope and More Charity Shop. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for making a difference, Chris has quickly become an invaluable asset to our team. In just a few short weeks since his arrival, Chris's transformative leadership has propelled our shop to new heights of success. Through his strategic vision and innovative approach, we have witnessed a remarkable increase in profitability, a testament to his exceptional management skills. Notably, our sales on Vinted, the popular online marketplace for second-hand fashion, have skyrocketed under Chris's guidance, demonstrating his adeptness at navigating digital platforms to expand our reach and impact. Beyond financial metrics, Chris's keen eye for aesthetics and dedication to excellence is evident in the refreshed appearance of our shop, which now exudes warmth and invites customers to explore its offerings. His tireless efforts and dedication have not only elevated our shop's performance but have also instilled a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm among our team. We are immensely grateful for Chris's leadership and look forward to continuing our journey towards making a meaningful difference in our community under his guidance.

Chantal Potgieter, Business Support

Chantal joined Hope Housing in March 2022 and performs her role as Business Support Officer with joy. She is by profession a Youth and Community practitioner and have more than 15 years experience in community projects and non-profit organizations. Chantal enjoys listening to the stories of the Hope residents and most importantly supports Hope staff in helping the residents to self-reliance. 

Sam Hull, Support Worker

Sam joined the Hope team recently as Support Worker. She has her NVQ 2-3 in Health Social Care. 

Sam worked within the elderly care sector as team leader for 30 years and is equally excited to take on the new role of Support Worker.  

She enjoys the change and playing her part to help Hope Housing residents with their recovery.   

Glynn Hannam, Support Worker

Meet Glynn, originally living at Hope Housing after personal struggles in his life and within himself. Hope Housing supported Glynn in battling his issues and with valuable support, guidance and direction it led to Glynn applying to our maintenance team as a volunteer. After some time, Hope Housing offered Glynn a full time position as a valued member of the maintenance team and since this time Glynn has now transferred to the support team. 

Thomas Reddington, Benefits Officer

Tom is the font of all knowledge here at Hope and is responsible for a LOT of behind-the-scenes activity, including managing residents' housing benefit claims, assisting the Support Manager in her duties and also making sure our database meets ISO 9001:2015 standards.