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Hope Healthy Hearts

The homeless already have a reduced life expectancy, with the Healthy Heart project, Hope aim to help promote Healthier Hearts and reverse this.

The Heart Research UK Healthy Heart Grants are all about supporting and empowering communities, and we are grateful for this grant as we were able to produce a programme of supported healthy eating and sporting activities for the homeless adults in our care. Following consultation with our residents, we have identified two key areas which we would like to develop and undertake concentrated work, with the aim of having a major impact on the lives of those involved and their heart health. The two areas are gym use and weekly cooking activities.

The project will motivate, engage, and support individuals to undertake physical exercise, to improve their health, wellbeing, and heart health. The project will also involve carrying out health and wellbeing assessments including basic health checks (weight, BMI & blood pressure), identifying individuals' health and wellbeing goals, and developing a tailored support plan.

Individuals will be supported to keep their motivation and achieve their personal health goals, and referred to additional specialist support services (GPs, weight management) as required. Many of the individuals in our care have limited cooking skills and have neglected their health and diet, particularly those in recovery. This project will provide an important way to raise awareness of healthy eating and nutrition, in a comfortable, fun social environment.