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Hope Soap

Buy a bar of soap, give it to someone less fortunate. That's the mission of Buy One Give One Soap. We're a team of people from Bournemouth who work for a local charity called Hope HTS. Our goal is to provide someone less fortunate with something they really need: soap. This is where our motto of Buy One Give One comes from, with each bar of soap you purchase providing a bar of soap for someone in need.

We believe in giving back to our communities and the environment, which is why all of our soaps are handmade, natural and luxurious, made from the finest ingredients available. We even collaborate with local businesses to have as little impact on the environment as possible, whilst also providing you with the best and highest quality soap that we can.

What is HopeSoap?


Hope Soap started in 2019 thanks to a grant provided by the National Lottery, with the goal of providing sanitary products to those most in need. In order to achieve this, we began manufacturing and selling soap from our base in Bournemouth with the promise that each purchase would be matched with a donation of a Soap Pack to someone in needed, distributed through local charities and partnerships we have established over the years we have run the charity. To date, we have donated hundreds of Soap Packs to vulnerable people both living on the street and in supported accommodation.

If you would like to purchase some of our natural and homemade soap, whilst also providing for someone in need, then please visit www.buyonegiveonesoap.com

Our Initiative

We operate under the mantra of "You Buy One, We Give One.", meaning for every soap you purchase, we provide a soap pack to someone in need. 

We believe that being clean is a right and not a privilege. This initiative gives back to our local community and helps those in need get access to hygiene products. Talking to our residents and people on the streets, they often stated they had issues keeping clean, and our goal is to fix that, by providing access to high quality cleaning products and storage.

The Soap

Our natural bars of soap are all produced by hand in our Bournemouth Soap Kitchen. Using only the finest ingredients, we meticulous craft each bar with love, and with 10 different scents, and more products on the way, there is something that everyone can enjoy!

1 ♥ Zesty Lemon 


2  ♥ Hard Day's Work 

3 ♥  All Over Detox

4 ♥ Calm Down

5 ♥ Wake Up Call

6 ♥ Busy Bee

7 ♥ Sea Breeze

8 ♥ Tea Tree & Jojoba

9 ♥ Into The Wild

10 ♥ Plain & Simple

Other Products 

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DreaMe | Natural Bath Salts

Citronella | Handmade Organic Soy Candle

Dirty Dawg Soap Tin

Dog Palm 

Oud & Bergamont Soy Candle