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In 2020, we delivered over 600 packs of essential items to those affected by homelessness.

Last year, we merged with AOK Rucksack Appeal to form Hope AOK Rucksack Appeal.

AOK Rucksack Appeal

This means that we supply essential items in four different packs to those affected by homeless and in various stages of their journey. This service is run by volunteers, and residents of Hope, many of whom have experienced homelessness.

We take requests from over 40 local agencies for packs of clothing or household items to be distributed to their clients. To request a pack click here.

We are always in need of warm, waterproof and comfortable clothing. If you can donate any items or funds to help us keep this vital service running, please click here.

01. Engage Rucksack

For homeless people, still on the streets, who have just engaged with an agency.

A reasonably sized rucksack containing:

  • Warm set of clothes (thermal if possible), socks, and new underwear, shoes
  • Jogging bottoms and hoodies
  • Belts
  • Blanket or sleeping bag
  • A toiletry bag with toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, sanitary wear
  • Hat, gloves and scarf, waterproofs
  • Drink container
  • Chocolate

02. Moving in Pack

For those moving from the streets into hostel accommodation.

  • A food container with healthy food for approximately 3 days
  • A washing-up bowl containing some clothes, socks and new underwear
  • A toiletry bag with essential toiletries and a towel

A bucket containing:

  • Dinner plate, side plate and bowl
  • Mug and tumbler
  • Egg cup, knife, fork, spoon and tea spoon, tin opener
  • Microwaveable container
  • Washing powder, washing up liquid, scourer, J cloth
  • Wipes, tea towel and toilet paper

03. Moving on Pack

For those moving on from a hostel or supported housing into independent living.

  • Bedding – duvet and pillow, duvet cover and pillowcase, fitted sheet
  • Kitchen equipment - saucepan, frying pan, kettle, toaster, kitchen utensils
  • Iron (optional)

04. Second Chance Pack

For those attending interviews for work or a funeral - takes the form of individual requests.

  • Smart work shoes
  • Shirts, skirts, trousers, suits, ties, etc.