Success stories


Peter was ex-offender and a drug addict. He came into our supported housing in October 2010. Since being in our supported housing, he has rebuilt his life. Peter has returned to college and has begun his SIA card training and is now living in his own flat.

Peter attended the ‘Ignite Project’ which helped him to regain his confidence and self esteem. He has completed mentoring training with them and is now mentoring others on the project.


Darren came into our supported housing from treatment in August 2010. During his stay, Darren rebuilt his life and returned to London.


Julian was and ex-offender and a drug addict. Julian completed treatment at corner ways and moved into our supported housing in June 2009. During his time at Hope Housing, Julian gave some voluntary hours to Brownsea Island on a weekly basis. During his time at Hope Housing, Julian has completed training with Brownsea Island and Kingston Maurward College.

Julian has now enrolled for more courses at Kingston Maurward College and is living independently in his own flat.


John was a heroin addict and a prolific offender. John came into our supported housing in April 2009 after successfully completing treatment at Francis House Southampton. During his time in our supported housing, John has rebuilt his life. John is now a mentor for ‘Footprints’ and a Transitional Mentor for the Princes Trust working with ex offenders.

John has begun his training to become a counsellor. John is no longer with Hope Housing and he is living independently and has his own new flat.


Was a PPO prolific persistent offender. He had been in active addiction for over 20 yrs. After leaving Residential Treatment he came to live in our supported housing. During his time with us, he completed structured day treatment, went to college, did a refresher course, went back to work part time and moved on successfully into independent accommodation.


Had also been to prison and been in active addiction for over 20 yrs. She had been through treatment on more than one occasion and had not been able to look after her child. After leaving treatment she moved into our supported housing. She also went to college and completed structured day treatment and did voluntary work back in the treatment centre. She has trained as a mentor and works with others in recovery. She rebuilt her relationship with her child and has moved into independent accommodation.


Came to live with us from treatment. She was in active addiction for many years, and was unable to care for her children. She too went to college, underwent structured day treatment attended meetings and did voluntary work with others in recovery. She now lives independently with her children and works to support them.


Was a PPO who had addictions to both alcohol and drugs at various stages of his life for over twenty years. He came to us from treatment went to college, did structured day treatment, attended meetings, did voluntary work and trained to be a mentor through the Princes Trust. He moved into independent living and now has main custody of his young daughter. He is also a partner in a charity that works with the community and helps other service users.

Please note that names have been changed to protect the identity of our case studies.
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