Reconnect Project

This 15-week programme aims to Reconnect vulnerable individuals completing rehabilitation treatment with their family and society, enabling them to live a life which is free from drug and crime. 90% of the individuals we work with, have experienced a troubled past, which we need to understand and appreciate as this may have a bearing on their current issues.

The Reconnect Project consists of four steps which are summarised below:

Step One

This is a three-week mentoring programme consisting of 10-hour visits whilst the individual is at the treatment centre or prison. At the end of step one, the individual is taken into Hope Housing.

Step Two

Following release from treatment or prison, it is important to ensure that the individual remains focused and engaged in the programme. This can be a challenging but vital area of the project. During this stage, the individual will receive regular drug and alcohol testing, attend probation and receive help with benefits. During counselling sessions, a vital support plan will be agreed providing purpose, focus, guidance and direction.

Step Three

This is the half way stage! The benefits of the project should now be evident. The individual will have settled into their new accommodation and during the next four-weeks they will be taking steps to achieve the goals set out for them in their support plan. This will add necessary structure to the individuals’ daily life and start them on them on the road to independent living.

Step Four

With the help of the support team and regular drug testing, the individual will now be experiencing a different way of life. Working with the support worker, continuing counselling sessions, and having a mentor at hand when needed, will enable the individual to feel empowered, and gain the confidence needed to make the right choices for their future.

At the end of the 15-week period, the success of the programme will be evaluated by looking at the original support plan and the progress the individual has made. The individual will also have the opportunity to provide feedback which is extremely valuable in helping us to continually improve our services and support. Although the programme has finished, Hope HTS will continue to help and support the individual.

By being non-judgemental, showing respect, empathy, and offering unconditional, positive regard, we can help vulnerable individuals overcome their fears, identify their inner strength and support them on their journey to an independent life away from the cycle of crime and addiction.

For more information on our Reconnect Project, you can download our leaflet.
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