Hope HTS provides various support. Individual support plans are drawn from initial client assessments. This is a plan which determines methods that are most appropriate for their circumstances. We offer the following forms of support which are offered on a regular basis, current dates are available:

Personal Counselling

This method of counselling is carried out by a fully-qualified integrative counsellor who has experience in working with this particular type of client group.

Art Therapy

Art therapy groups are held once a week and are facilitated by one of our counsellors. Guest facilitators also take part in order to demonstrate different types or art, pottery model making, etc. Residents are encouraged to come along and experiment.

Support Group

This is an informal group where residents from the supported houses can meet together for a "coffee, cake and chat". This form of treatment is an opportunity for them to talk about any issues they are facing and build up an extra support circle.

Life Skills Workshops

The life skills workshops are held weekly and cover a variety of subjects including the following:
  • Anger management
  • Assertiveness
  • Authority/forgiveness
  • Motivation
  • Challenges
  • Self-esteem
  • Boundaries
  • Interviews
  • Relationships
  • Honesty
These workshops are discussion based and may include some role-play. Please note that with our new mini bus we are able to collect residents from each of our properties to take them to our flagship site which holds these workshops.
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Registered in England as: Hope Housing, Training and Support Limited
Registered Charity No. 1133284